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By Kevin Styles

i-Junky Has MOVED!

Thursday, June 16, 2005
i-Junky Has MOVED!

New location: http://ijunky.blogsome.com Please update your links! And come take a look at the new i-Junky now under the Wordpress system.


R.I.P Mr Lollipop!

Friday, June 10, 2005
This is what's left of a heart wrenching lifeless lollipop, left in the corner of my room... god knows how it ended up there.

A rat has tried on many occasions to tackle it down, but was very unsuccesful at all attempts... poor rat. But finally I figured enough is enough and decided to dispose of this lollipop, it has gone through pain and suffering from a starving rat.

It's no good tormenting the poor rat, leaving something there the rat will never be able to get around to tackling and also, I think the current state of the lollipop speaks for itself that it longer wants to be in my room.

So Bye Bye Mister Lollipop! Gone to sweet sweet heaven. As for the rat? Well let's jsut say I never got around to catching him in the act...

Staying put!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Recapping on previous post about WordPress there is no chance I'll be switching to that system unless it was uploaded and installed onto my own server.

Simply becuase having WordPress preinstalled on another person's server other than your own presents very limited features to what WordPress can handle, I'm talking (or writing) about plugins and such things, one thing WordPress is known for are it's numerous plugins you can install that can really spice up your blog.

Having said that, plugins I wish to use and install are just not possible with free hosters of WordPress. So sticking to
Blogger, but until I can find a free upload host that would support .php I'll consider moving to WordPress - you guys are just going to have to cope with my ramblings here for a little while longer.

Wordpress anyone?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
It seems I might be leaving the Blogger system, which has served me quite well in my blogging years... ahh seem so old now, and try to adapt to the widely spoken and comprehensive blogging system on the internet; WordPress.

However to maintain an advertisment free wordpress based blog, you will need to install WordPress on your own server (keeping it mind it supports .php) meaning you need to download the required files from their website.

But this got me thinking since WordPress is free, according their main website it might be possible to have free blogging services on the internet that might just host a blogging interface much like WordPress or even better using the WordPress system itself.

And this is when I stumbled across quite a few free WordPress blogs hosts, however I have yet to find one decent and stable enough and advertisement free but I guess overtime we might see something arise with WordPress-i-goodness and the stability of Blogger (server wise) I mean come'on let's face it, blogger does have a pretty good server host and rarely down - nothing like some good old ass-licking more like it here now huh? As for advertisments free? Well I can't complain, becuase that would never happen or will it?

Those of you who would like to use WordPress but unable to host on your own server the WordPress system, then maybe you could give the following free WordPress based blogging services a go;

  • Blogsome A pretty decent free host, with minimum advertisments, that appear not too distracting to readers. However I dislike the format of running WordPress multi user edition (but that's obviously just a personal objection)

  • Free Blog City As if the name doesn't give it away the impression it's a cheap free host (it makes sense... think about it) looking at the mainsite certainly doesn't give quite an overwhelming impression, but reading in a side column of what its got to offer, fair enough - and seems like it's running the single user version of WordPress (which is all in well good for myself).

    But here is the let down limited features they didn't want you to know before signing up; limited themes (just one plain looking main theme) however is customizable with what colours etc through the css. But that's it, not even a chance to browse over the dozen of themes WordPress actually has in itself.

  • Blogthing Another host I stumbled across and from what it looks like on paper, it maybe the best free WordPress host there is, but at the time of writing I was unable to sign up due to database issues, so I was unable to have a hands on with this service, but anxiously waiting to give to it ago once their database issues are resolved.
The main reason I'm considering the change is the need for proper categories assortment, it may seem like I have categories here at the moment when in actual fact they are all seperate blogs linked together which makes it quite hard to update and maintain, and should a new fresh post be made in one of these blogs/categories, they will not show on the "main page" unless I make a post there to show it - my posts will go unnoticed.

Coolest Picture Ever!

Sunday, June 05, 2005
Didn't get up to much today, woke up kinda late in the afternoon or as I prefer early evening and just stumbled across perhaps the best picture in existance on the internet as we know it.

I went outside at the front yard, and elevated my head towards the blue sky to wonder at it's glory and this is what I saw, luckily I had my camera with me at the time to capture it... ok really I didn't - as if it wasn't that obvious enough.

Who ever created this, I'm not exactly sure but deserves my full credit for his/her amazing work, it really does put one to wonder just what lies up there past the big blue sky, haha...

Well to see it in it's full size and glory and colour, just visit the site below (you won't be dissappointed.

Coolest Picture Ever!

That is one big burger mate

Thursday, June 02, 2005
I could possibly have just outdone myself about 20 odd minutes ago, I figured I wanted something big to fill myself up so I won't have to eat dinner as quick, so I decided to have a big lunch, for those who know me really well I tend to eat alot -- but today I just couldn't seem to cut it, this is what I had;

1 Burger, yes just one - but with the following;

Bottom bun
Beef mince patty
Slice of cheese
Fried Egg
Slice of bacon
Beef mince patty again...
Slice of cheese again...
Bacon again...
Lettuce again...
Top bun

Usually I would be to wash down something like this tackling free, but today I just couldn't seem to do it with ease, when I got down to the last quater of it, I had to tackle a big one to chew it all down, it was pretty hetick.


Saturday, May 28, 2005
Lately I've been fixing myself a daily dose of just way too much coffee, for everyday of the past two weeks, I've been taking around two cups of coffee in the mornings, afternoons and sometimes even at night -- no idea why I would at night, but I do. Has it really become such an addiction that I just take it at night because my body feels tired and run down from the fixture my two daily coffee feeds during that day? I was beginning to worry, so I did the next best thing possible...

I checked up the effects of too much caffeine and what it could do to you on the net, and really as much as they sound as convincing for the negative effects I just can't seem to stop drinking it, there are some of the effects of caffeine which I fear may have taken its' shine in my body already. Below are some things which I had no idea about caffeine;

Taken from
http://www.abc.net.au with this article caffeine

1. What Caffeine Gets Up To In The Body

Caffeine is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream
from the gastro-intestinal tract. It reaches maximum concentration within about
an one hour. The blood distributes it throughout the body. It even manages to
pass through the blood-brain barrier.

The half life of caffeine in the
human body varies between 3 to 7 hours. Throughout the body it increases
metabolic rate by around 10%. Females metabolise caffeine 20-30% more quickly
than males. However, it will take women on "the pill" twice as long to
metabolise caffeine as women who are ovulating.

Early experiments showed that low concentrations of caffeine may produce small decreases in heart rate, whereas higher concentrations may make the heart beat abnormally fast.
In the brain it constricts the cerebral blood vessels. If you're used to drinking
several cups of coffee a day but then you quit, those blood vessels will dilate,
maybe enough to give you a powerful headache. It's one of the best known
withdrawal symptoms.

Many people know that caffeine is a strong diuretic - it makes you urinate more than usual. Apparently this is due to increasing the blood flow through the kidneys.

It can produce insomnia - delaying the onset of sleep and reducing total sleeping time. It has a small effect on respiration by increasing blood flow through the lungs and increasing the supply of air by relaxing bronchiolar and alveolar smooth muscle. That's why it's proving effective in treating the breathing problems of some prematurely born infants.

Some people experience tremors after drinking coffee and tea.
That's thought to be due to over-activation of the central nervous system.

Well one things for sure is I tend to visit the toilets quite often than usual in the morning's at TAFE. Another good thing, atleast I'm not on a 'pill'.

5. Sobering Thoughts About Caffeine

"And I'd better have a big cup of extra strong black
coffee to get me past the breathalyser."
Unfortunately, this is one of the most enduring myths about caffeine. True, it may manage to puncture that aura of numbness and make you feel a little sharper but it's no better at sobering you up and lowering your blood alcohol level than a glass of water.

On the other hand caffeine is a good friend the morning after. Alcohol can give you a thumping headache by enlarging cranial blood vessels. Caffeine constricts them and so may bring some relief from the hangover blues. That's why it's an ingredient in some over-the-counter pain killers.

Now if only I knew this was the only cure for a hangover I would've taken some the morning after those drinking nights.